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  • Grande Kaffe flavored coffees do not contain any added sugars
  • Almost all flavors contain less than 5 calories when prepared without adding cream and sugar


  • The flavoring is gluten free and the roasted coffee flavor base that we use does not have any additives.


  • There is no genetically modified coffee available on the market so, therefore, the coffee itself is non-GMO. The flavoring that is added to our flavored coffees is non GMO.


  • The cups used in our single serve manufacturing are BPA free.


  • There are no big 8 allergens (tree nuts, dairy, shellfish etc) in any of the flavoring that we use for Grande Kaffe flavored coffees however, if a consumer has a severe allergy to a specific ingredient that is “mimicked” in our coffee by use of artificial ingredients, we prefer to err on the side of caution and recommend that they not ingest the coffee.


  • All Grande Kaffe coffee is Kosher. The certifying agency is KSA.


  • There are no dairy or animal products in Grande Kaffe coffee.