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  • Grande Kaffe flavored coffees do not contain any added sugars
  • Almost all flavors contain less than 5 calories when prepared without adding cream and sugar


  • The flavoring is gluten free and the roasted coffee flavor base that we use does not have any additives.


  • There is no genetically modified coffee available on the market so, therefore, the coffee itself is non-GMO. The flavoring that is added to our flavored coffees is non GMO.


  • The cups used in our single serve manufacturing are BPA free.


  • There are no big 8 allergens (tree nuts, dairy, shellfish etc) in any of the flavoring that we use for Grande Kaffe flavored coffees.


  • All Grande Kaffe coffee is Kosher. The certifying agency is KSA.


  • There are no dairy or animal products in Grande Kaffe coffee.

"KMO is open and will stay open for business through thick and thin. No matter what happens we will do what needs to be done. Everyone hang in there, be strong.
Bob and Cathy Johnson "