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Why Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is the Hottest Thing on Tap

Even if you’re not a beer drinker, the cascading creaminess of a pint of Guinness as it’s being poured from the tap is hard to resist.  Based on the exploding popularity of Nitro Cold Brew, it seems the same is true for this new kind of cold coffee.


Nitro got its start, in a coffee house in Astoria, NY, that was trying to capitalize on the iced coffee craze.  It turns out that the shop’s barista and owner were installing a draft system when the idea of pouring coffee, ice cold from a tap, hit them.  Four years later, the demand for Nitro Cold Brew is greater than ever and showing no signs of slowing.


The secret ingredient

No, it’s not a special kind of coffee bean.  The magic is in the nitrogen gas that’s infused into the coffee, which is then then pushed out into a pint glass through a pressurized valve.  The valve has lots of little holes in it that creates tons of tiny bubbles that results in a cup of coffee with a Guinness-like look and feel.


It’s creamy and delicious and a favorite among all types of coffee drinkers. In fact, it’s so good that many would-be-sugar users are going without – eliminating extra calories from their diets along the way.  It’s also less acidic, but packs a more powerful caffeine punch, than coffee brewed and served other ways.


Where to buy it

That’s getting easier with each passing day as more and more coffee bars are featuring Nitro coffee on draft — in some, right next to their beer selections.  Roasters are also having fun experimenting with new twists on this silky smooth creation by adding a variety of flavors and toppings.  Like wine, Nitro coffee is also barrel-aged and boxed.   Some roasters are taking a page from the craft beer phenomenon and putting their hopes on hops.  Watch for much more to come on this front.


Kegging coffee at home

Many people swear by it.  Places like the Keg Outlet are helping to bring Nitro Cold Brew into homes everywhere – and say it’s easier than you may think.  The Keg Outlet offers a wide variety of starter kits with kegs that come in a ,variety of sizes – including ones that fit right in your fridge.  They offer three different set ups – party tap line, refrigerator conversion and draft tower.  Install one of these, and your house is sure to be the most popular coffee bar on the block.

Whether you make it yourself, or grab a pint on the way home, if you haven’t indulged in the creamy goodness of Nitro coffee, it’s time to give it a try.


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